Saturday, January 2, 2010

My little Stockpile! Watch me Grow!

We all love stockpile photos right? I know I do! I love to see all the good stuff you have and how/where you store it. I'm Nosy and I know it :) Join me here and watch my stock pile grow! Right now It may be small but I have plans and in time It will look like a grocery store in my garage. I want to get to the level where I can take a month off from grocery shopping and eat only from the stockpile. (Still picking up milk and eggs from the store oh and freebies too)

Right now we are using wire cube shelving, which was free from a friend(She had used them as wall in her apt but didn't need them after moving) I want to get better shelving but they are so expensive! The BF swears up and down that he can build them, but I'm not so sure. See I've never seen him build anything in the last 6 years we've been together.

Any ideas for shelving?

Here is my little Stockpile:

Now this is my Freezer, Freezer I love you!
BTW Got this $400 freezer for only $200!Sweet! Its huge!

Now under my sink:

Gosh I need to get Organized!!!


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