Monday, January 25, 2010

Overage at Publix

Okay so it seems there is lots of different deals to get overage at Publix latly.
SmartShopping2009 has a great list HERE.

Some Overage includes:

Knox gelatin $1.39
-$4.00 off any Knox Product 1/24
=$2.61 in OVERAGE!

Benevia Juice$8.49 (buy 2)
-(2) $5.00/1 printable manu coupons HERE
-(2) $4.00/1 Publix store coupon(Green Flyer)
=$1.02 OVERAGE!

Johnson and Johnson First Aid Kit $1.43
-$2.00 Publix Coupon (Green Flyer)
-$1.00 First Aid Item 1/3
=$1.57 Overage

Sundance Vitamins starting at $3.29 buy 4(at my publix, look for cheaper if you can)
-$6.00/2 Publix coupon (Green Flyer)
$3.00/2 printable manu coupon HERE
=$4.84 Overage


  1. Where were the Knox Gelatin coupons? Can you just get the green flyer at any publix now for the Benevia coupons? Thanks so much!

  2. The Knox Coupons are actually coupons for $4.00 off any Knox product, they were in the 1/24 RedPlum. I didn't get any in my paper, so I ordered them off online. The Green Advantage Flyer can be found by the Publix ads in the front of the store, they have stacks of them at my Publix. Hope that helps!

  3. Dang it, the Red Plum went out with the recycling today but I stocked up on the Green Advantage flier so I'm set for the juice and vitamins.

  4. Haha so now I'm home from shopping and wondering what in the heck to do with 8 packs of vitamins we probably won't ever take?? Can you donate them anywhere?

  5. I was thinking the same thing, donating seems the right idea. I told myself maybe i would take them, but i doubt I would. I'll have to ask around, let ya know if I find out anything. Hope your overage deals were great!
    I can't wait til my coupons that I ordered come in, it will be stocking up time for me!


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