Monday, January 25, 2010

Change in Coupon Organization?

So currently I cut all coupons that I know I will use or may use. I then put them in my handy purple binder inside baseball card selves, this process has been working but..

I'm thinking of changing and just filing them away and cutting them when I know I will use them.
  • How do you organize your coupons?
  • Any tips?
  • How do you know what coupons you have?
  • What is you find a clearance item and you don't have the coupon on you!?!
  • One thing I wonder about is, do you bring any extra coupons with you when you shop?

I think I may be stressing about this lol. HELP!


  1. I have an accordion style coupon organizer and it goes everywhere with me. It's big and overflowing but luckily I have a big purse. I cut what I know I'll use and keep the whole inserts dated and in a larger accordion folder at home. I have a smaller coupon organizer with actual store names in it and when I make up my lists for the week I put the coupons I'm using in the correct spots with my lists.
    People must think I'm a nut when I'm standing in an aisle looking through my coupons but I'd rather have them all with me.

  2. Yeah I'm thinking about that alot. I mean I don't want to get to the store and see a great deal, then say oh wait the coupon is at home! Im gonna try the smaller coupon organizers for stores, maybe put them in one section in my binder. Thanks!

  3. I cut EVERY coupon i see. this way when something goes on sale I'll have it. I have a lerge binder and separate the coupons I have into catergories..then alphabetize the Baking, Cosmetics, Deoderants, frozen, etc. I bring it everywhere. (It stays in my car when I'm out so that I can get to it fast if I need it). I bought $42 worth of groceries for $4 yesterday. people are amazed!


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