Monday, January 4, 2010

My Car is Junk

So today after work I drive over to firestone to get my oil change, which was long over due. I was really excited because I had a free oil change coupon (found in the Booklet Enjoy the City-Orlando- that i bought from the kids next door when their school was having a fundraiser) Anyways I had my BF meet me there so I wouldn't have to wait.

We decided to check out the Aldis near-by (Highly disappointed, it was gross) About an hour after I dropped off my car, I get a call from Firestone saying they can't get my key to turn in my ignition. WHAT?! So we drive back over and sure enough the key is not working! What to do!?! I called my parents(Of course) who tell me to call AAA (they live in NY-not much they could do) While waiting for AAA to arrive, my amazing BF googled my car model and the problem. There was tons of forums/blogs/how to sites on my exact issue. The most successful solution was hitting the key with a small hammer while in the ignition, so I try, and it works. Now every time I want to start my car I have to hit the key with a hammer!

Yuck, and I didn't get my oil changed because the store closed before I got the key to work!
Dear Car can you at least get me thru 2010? Please?! Your only a 2003, your still young!


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