Friday, June 14, 2013

Plan ahead and get there early!

Ever wonder how people get the best coupon deals? Well it really is all about planning ahead and getting there early!

1.) I start with to get my match-up, they have great forums that normally have ads up a week or two before the sales start. This is a HUGE plus as it allows you to order coupons ahead of time on items you want to stockpile. For example I always check what items will be BOGO at Publix that way I can order my coupons to get here before Thursday (the first day of new ads at our Publix)

2.) Next I either write out my list with the coupon break down to the actual amount I should pay per item.. and if I'm feeling really organized I might do a spreadsheet.. that doesn't happen often. My list states the amount I'm purchasing, exact item, size of the item, coupons used and prices.

3.) GET THERE EARLY! This is really important especially with the drug store deals like Walgreens. I must have some extreme couponers near me.. ya know the shelf clearing kind (How RUDE!) cause if I don't get there on Sunday the best deals are gone.. -


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