Monday, April 29, 2013

Apple Fritter Cake, Weight Watchers, and Neighbors!

I love to bake almost as much as I love to eat but have been trying to scale back on all the yummy desserts since joining weight watchers back in September. So far I have lost 25 pounds but have also gained knowledge in how I need to eat to be healthy. I know what your thinking.. is she really talking about weight lost and Apple Fritter Cake in the same blog post?  I am and its because of that knowledge I have gained about eating, I learned that this is not a diet its a 'lifestyle change'.  If I don't allow myself to eat sweets sparingly, I would not last long and would soon find myself going back to my old ways. I would end up running to Publix to picking up every sweet, salty, gooey, and horrible for you to eat items that they sell.

So when I simply have a craving or have been given a reason to bake I do just that, I bake!  Last week my neighbors brought over a loaf of whole wheat honey banana bread for us which Lady A loved. {Yes we have the best neighbors ever!} A few days later after the list slice was devoured, my husband asked what I would make in it in return. My husband is a firm believe in sending back dishes with a little treat in return and I knew instantly what I wanted to make.

I had pinned this recipe for Apple Fritter Cake a few days earlier and seeing as I didn't want to have a whole 13 by 9 pan of cake in my house I figured I could split it into two loaf pans one for us and one to return to next door.  The recipe calls for about a cup of apples but I used about 2 cups and might even use more next time we make this. Hope you enjoy the recipe!


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