Sunday, February 17, 2013

Return to Blogging

It has been about 18 months since I last blogged. That is a long time, and so much has changed in my life. Most recently I stopped working as full-time office manager and have now begun staying home with my 2 year old daughter. In addition to spending the days with my sweet girl I watch one of my close friends two youngest children. It is hard work but I  wouldn't change it for anything. My days are full with giggles, silly dances, fun art projects, learning colors, and of course lots of love. Yes it is also full of diaper changes, tantrums, crying, constant cleaning up toys, and lots of "NO!" but it is worth it.

I also have just jumped back on the coupon clipping train and am slowly chugging along as many things have changed. Along with couponing I have decided to start blogging again as I really enjoyed it.  So join me along my journey of keeping on budget with coupons and freebies, I look forward to passing along the deals!


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