Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sorry Doc but I think your wrong...

Have your ever felt your kids Doctor is wrong? I did yesterday! What a day it was, actually it was my birthday and we had some great plans but Lady A got sick. The poor baby had a fever, cough, discharge from her ear and was very fussy, not her normal self. So I knew she had some type of cold, but the discharge from the ear made me think she might also have an ear infection. Off to the Doctors office we went.

We were waiting for a hour before the doctor came in, not our normal doctor as she wasn't available but another one at the same office. He checked her out, very quickly I might add, and said she had the start of a cold, which I already figured. Then when we asked about the ear he said it was normal, a type of dandruff for babies that can sometimes be found behind the ear. I really thought he was wrong. It had to be something more than that. He suggested a humidifier and some vicks rub for the cold but nothing for the ear besides normal cleaning.

Fast forward to this morning after an almost sleepless night, I just knew he was wrong. There was white puss like ooze in her ear and any time I touched it to look she screamed like I never heard her scream before.  At first I contemplated what to do. Bring her back to the Doctor office or try my luck with urgent care? Then I thought really I am her mother and if I think something is wrong with my baby then why should I worry about what the doctor or nurses might think if I bring her back demanding they recheck her. So I made a sick kid appointment this time with her normal doctor.

I was right! She has a type of infection on the outer ear caused by the cold. Her normal doctor prescribed an ear drip and antibiotics for the upper respiratory infection.

Sometimes you just need to go with your gut feeling, I guess I should have said something the day before. Well, I'm just a first time mom learning all about this stuff... next time I'll just say... Sorry Doc but I think your wrong.

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  1. It's a shame, but i think doctors are very often wrong. Many times, they are only thinking of getting the patient out of the office so that they can get to the next one. More patients means more money in their pockets.


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