Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How I got 264 Diapers for $0.54!!!!

I LOVE AMAZOM.COM!  I was able to get 264 Luvs diapers for only $0.54! (we normally use Huggies.. so I hope these work out)

Here is the break down:
Luvs (Size 1) $35.54
-30% off for signing up for Amazon Mom
-20% off Coupon from BabyTalk magazine
$10.00 off from babytalk magazine
Free Shipping for Signing up for Amazon Mom
-$7.77 in Gift Cards earned FREE from Swagbucks!(<---click the link to see how you can earn FREE GCs)
Total $0.54

1 comment:

  1. Wow! I got the offer for Amazon Mom, but I didn't pay any attention to it...Until NOW! I've been away from blogging and reading my fave blogs (just had a baby, so I took some time off). I just got back to blogging...And I've had your button on my blog for a long time. So I stopped by today, and you've gotten a total makeover! So I'm updating your button on my blog today, and doing some catch-up reading! =)
    Thanks for sharing your great deal. Maybe you could let me know how the Luvs work out for you. I've always used Huggies for my other three kids, with this new one, though, I've found Pampers Sensitive to work really well.



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