Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bummas Giveaway Winner!

The Bummas Giveaway is now Closed! I am so excited to announce a winner. As always a winner was chosen by random.org.  This giveaway was a little different as for the last 24 hours it has been a Live Giveaway for extra entries. I would love your honest thoughts on this, as this will help me make a decision  whether or not to do this again :)
Lindsey said.
Come on random.org!! lindseycrock@..... I must tell you I loved reading some of the comments lol. It made my night :) Lindsey I will email you in the morning.. didn't plan on staying up this late but wanted to pick a winner for those who were waiting!


  1. Yay for Lindsey! Your persistence paid off! Congratulations!

  2. YES!!!!!!! HAHA!! I love that that's the comment that won!!! I'm so glad you laughed. That was my goal. And to win, of course. YAY!!! :D

    Thanks chica!!!

  3. aah. I completely forgot this was a live giveaway and only got 1 extra entry in!!

  4. Oh and I LOVED this. It was totally fun!! :D

  5. I know, that was a really great winning comment! LOL.


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