Sunday, October 17, 2010

What's your budget?

     So what is your budget? Right now we don't have one. Not that we don't need one, I have just been slacking a bit in that area. Plus recently I lost of few of my babysitting gigs, and its been hard to pick up extra work. At about 28 weeks pregnant not many people are looking to hire me as a sitter, and I understand. Soon I won't be available and also I'm not as energetic as I used to be.
     Anyways, this of course means that we are really in need of a budget. I have also got back into couponing, tho I will admit that I'm not up to par with the deals I used to get. I'd like to say its because when I started there were better deals, but I'm sure its just me. My stockpile is down, especicially my food stockpile. Were working on it! Plan on heading out this week to stock up on some cheap butter and chicken. We have a deep freeze so I plan on picking up a lot of chicken, at $1.48 a pound for chicken breast!
      So my question to you is... What is your budget?  Any tips on getting back on track?


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