Friday, October 1, 2010

Pregnancy Update + Looking for Advice from Mommys!

Yep that's me. I don't do a lot of life posts but I figured I'd give ya a little update on the pregnancy.  Well first off I'm 25 weeks and I can't believe how fast it is going by! I honestly have been blessed by the pregnancy gods so far, just a few sick days or actually hours here and there. One trip to the ER, yesterday to be exact. I was sick last weekend as in like not being able to keep anything down for about 30 hours.(Pretty sure it was NOT pregnancy related)  Then on Wednesday I had some blurred vision, called the Dr Thursday morning and he sent me to the ER. They monitored the baby checked me out and determined I was dehydrated from being sick. Sent home, drinking lots of water and were fine. 

We picked out a name but I haven't decided if I wanted to reveal it on my blog or not.  Registered at the hospital that I love after doing a tour. Crib, Dresser and changing table are put together in her lavender painted room. She has tons of clothes but of course will need more. We also  have decided to Breastfeed.

Even tho I have been babysitting and been a Nanny for years now I'm still no mom, so..

 Mommy's out there any advice that you think is a must know for a new mom? Anything you wished someone told you before you had kids?  Anything helps.


  1. My husband and I were just debating this ourselves tonight at dinner (while our daughter's "special grama" watched her). We're expecting #2 rather unexpectedly, and were discussing how much we wish we'd known before our first arrived.

    My biggest regret with my first pregnancy is my labor & delivery-- I have NO pictures. You might think you'll look gross and exhausted, but trust me, you'll want those pictures!!! I am going to bring a full-on camera crew into the L&D room with me this time!


  2. Hi! I'm your latest follower from the blog hop! I can't wait to read more as you get closer and closer to the big day!! Stop by if you get a chance:
    xoxo, Erin

  3. No advice, everyone is different but we had a home birth and it was the most amazing thing ever! (Surprisingly little pain too!)

  4. Oh my word - ditto to the first comment. We have like 5 pictures of us at the hospital and believe it or not just ONE of us TOGETHER at the hosp. Totally wish I'd taken more pics but we were too exhausted to think it through. PLAN to take pics! Seriously. If you don't like them you can just delete them (but you won't want to i promise!) ;)


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