Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Freebies and Comment Games on facebook, How they work!

If you happen to be a facebook fan of mine, you may have noticed some status updates about comment games and flash giveaways. Some of you might be wondering what in the heck are these two things and why would you want to check them out. Well let me start off by saying that within the last 2 weeks i have won about 8-9 freebies in flash giveaways and scored some awesome majorly discounted items. Now for the details:

Flash giveaways:  Love these! Flash giveaways are tons of fun. The rules of these change from site to site so make sure to check them out before you start playing. Most flash giveaway hosts will gather sponsors from all different shops/websites and businesses. They will then post an item from a shop that will be given out for
free. Most request that you go "like" the facebook page of that shop, leave some "love" (comment) and then return to the post to let the host know that you did just that. Then once the time frame is up (average of 3-5 minutes) the host will use random.org to pick a winner!

Facebook Comment games:  First off all comment games are different it depends on the site and host of the games. Its a good idea to check the rules for the games (most of the time listed under the discussion tab) If not just ask and someone will help ya out! Most comment games go a little something like this... the host will post a picture of an item and discounted price, along with this they might say "3rd comment with paypal gets this" or even make a game out of it. Some will have you answer a question and have random.org pick, others do it different. All of them are tons of fun!

So if you want to check them out make sure you "like" my facebook page and I'll let you know when they are going down....

Actually one if about to happen now! Check out my facebook to get the link!


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