Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sunday Coupon Preview 9/26

This week there will be:
1 SmartSource
1 Red Plum

Check it out HERE! (Or click Read More Below)

-Remember Coupons vary by regions.
-When buying papers from the store make sure to check them for coupons! I have learned this the hard way!
-Always buy two papers, especially if your stores often have B1G1 deals 
-If you see a coupon you really love consider ordering more from a coupon clipping service.

RedPlum Coupon Insert Advil 40ct or larger Save $1.00/1 (11/30)
Advil Cold & Sinus or Allergy Sinus product Save $1.00/1 (11/30)
Advil PM 16 ct or larger Save $1.00/1 (11/30)
All Liquid Laundry Detergent 32oz or larger Save $1.00/1 (11/15)
Aveeno Active Naturals or Baby Save $1.00/1 (10/31)
Aveeno Ageless Vitality product Save $10.00/1 (10/31)
Aveeno Active Naturals or Baby Save $2.00/2 (10/31)
Brillo Estraceli sponge products Save $1.00/2 (11/20)
Brillo Soap Pads 10ct or 18ct box Save $.55/1 (11/20)
Brown Gold Product (coffee) Save $1.00/1 (12/31)
Carefree products Save $1.00/2 (11/30)
Clean & Clear product Save $1.00/1 (10/31)
Contadina Products cans Save $1.00/3 (12/19)
Dimetapp any Save $1,00/1 (11/30)
Everlast Nutritional Supplement Maximun value Save $19.95 Save Save $10.00/1 (12/31)
Everlast Energy Bar Buy one get one free value to Save $2.49 (12/31)
Kibbles’n Bits brand dry dog food 14 lbs or larger Save $2.00/1 (11/30)
Kibbles’n Bites brand dry dog food 8 lbs or smaller Save $1.00/1 (11/30)
L’Oreal Excellence or excellence to go shade Save $2.00/1 (12/19)
Lubriderm Save $1.00/1 (10/31)
M&M’s Brand Fun size candies all M&M’s brands (6 lines of tiny fine print all candy names) 3fun size bags Save $1.00  (10/31)
Meow Mix dry food 3.15 lbs or larger Save $1.00/1 (11/20)
Meow Mix Market Select TWO single cups or ONE Meow Mix Select variety pack Save $1.00 (11/20)
Milk-Bone Essentials Plus Biscuits or Crunchy bites dog snacks Save $1.00/1 (11/28)
Milk-Bone and/or Milk-Bone Essentials Plus dog snacks Save $1.50/2 (11/28)
Minute Rice product Save $.50/1 (12/18)
Nestle Pure Life purified Water Multi-pack (20 pack or larger ) Save $1.00/2 (11/7)
Nestle Pure Life Purified Water 8oz multi pack (24 pack or larger ) Save $1.00/2 (11/7)
OB Product excludes trial sz Save $1.00/1 (11/30)
One A Day, Adult or Teen multivitamin product 12ct or larger Save $2.00/1 (11/15)
Osteo Bi-flex Liquid joint aid 6-pack Save $1.00/1 (11/10)
Osteo Bi-Flex Caplets, Softgels or Powder excludes liquids Save $4.00/1 (11/10)
Perdue refrigerated Baked Whole Grain Breaded Chicken variety Save $1.00/1 (11/21)
Pillsbury Brownie Minis brownie mix or Pillsbury Easy Frost No-fuss frostings Save $1.00/2 (12/31)
Pillsbury Cookie Mixes Save $1.00/2 (12/31)
Pronamel product Save $1.00/1 (12/31)
Purpose any Save $1.00/1 (10/31)
Robitussin no 2ct Save $1.00/1 (11/30)
Roc anti-aging product Save $2.00/1 (10/31)
Sensodyne product Save $.75/1 (12/31)
Snickers Brand, 3 Musketeers brand, Milky Way brand, or Twix Brand bar Buy One Get One Free value to 99¢ (10/31)
Snuggle Fabric Softener liquid or dryer sheets Save $.75/1 (11/7)
Splenda sweetener product any Save $1.00/1  (11/7)
Splenda no calorie sweetener granulated with fiber product Save $2.00/1  (11/7)
Stayfree product Save $.50/1 (11/30)
Stouffer’s family or party size entree 28oz or larger Save $.75/1 (12/31)
SuperPretzel product any Save $.50/1 (11/7)
ThermaCare 2ct or larger Save $1.00/1 (11/30)
Tropicana Trop50 59oz bottles Save $1.00/2 (12/15)

P&G Insert Coupons Expire (10/31)
Save $2/1 Crest Rinse 946mL or larger
Save $1/1 Crest 4.0oz.or more or Liquid Gel (Excludes: Crest Cavity, Baking Soda, Tartar)
BOGO Oral-B CrossAction Manual Tooth Brush (up to Save $3.99)
Save $1/1 Crest or Crest Pro Health for Me Rinse 440mL or larger
Save $1/1 Crest or Crest Pro Health for Me Toothpaste 4.2oz. or larger
Save $2/1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manural or Power Razor
Save $2/1 Gillette ProSeries Skin Care Product
Save $1/1 Gillette Fusion Shave Prep
Save $2/1 Gillette Bodywash
Save $1/1 Gillette Deodorant
Save $0.75/1 Glide Floss 35m or more
Save $0.25/1 Dawn, any size
Save $0.50/1 Dove Hand Renewal w/ Olay Beauty
Save $1/1 Downy Fabric Liquid Softener
Save $1/1 Febreeze Fabric Refresher
Save $1/1 Febreeze Air Effects
Save $3/1 Febreeze Noticables Starter Kit or Warmer
Save $1/1 Febreeze Noticeables Refill
BOGO – Buy 1 Frbreeze Candle, Get 1 Set & Refresh Free
Save $1/1 Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Conidtioner ETS
Save $3/1 Iams Premium Protection Dry Dog or Cat Food
Save $0.25/1 Ivory ody Wash, Bar Pack or Liquid Hand Soap
Save $1/1 Metamucil Product, Any
Save $2/1 Natural Instincts Hair Color
Save $2/1 Olay Facial Cleanser
Save $3/1 Olay Regenerist Facial Cleaner or Moisterizer
Save $1.50/1 Olay Bar, Body Wash, In-SHower Body Lotion or Hand & Body Lotion
Save $2/1 Olay Hand & Body Lotion
Save $1/2 Old Spice Products, 1.7oz. or larger
BOGO Old Spice Body Wash (up to Save $3.99)
BOGO Buy 1 Old Spice Fresh Collection or Red Zone Product, Get 1 Body Spray Free
Save $10/1 Oral-B Vitality or other Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Save $5/1 Oral-B Replacement Brush Heads 3ct. or larger
Save $1/1 Oral-B Pro-Health for Me CrossAction or Pulsar Manual Toothbrush
Save $1/1 Oral-B Pro-Health for Me Floss Picks 45ct.
Save $1/1 Pampers Kandoo
Save $1/1 Pampers Cruisers, Swaddlers, Sensitive ot Extra Protection Diapers
Save $1/2 Pantene Hair Care Products ETS
Save $1/1 Prilosec OTC, Any size
Save $1/4 Pringles Super Stacks 180g or larger
Save $0.50/1 Pringles Snack Stacks or Stix
Save $0.50/2 Pringles Fat Free 165g or larger
Save $0.25 off 3 Puffs Single or 1 Puffs 3pk.
Save $4/1 PUR, or PUR Flavor Options (Pitcher or Faucet Mount)
Save $2/1 PUR Pitcher or Faucet Mount Multipack Replacement Filters or Refrigerator Filter
Save $0.50/1 Secret Deodorant ETS
Save $4/1 Sinex Product, Any
Save $0.50/1 Swiffer Refill or Swiffer Dust & Shine
BOGO Swiffer Dust & Shine (up to Save $3.99)
BOGO Buy any 1 Swiffer Starter Kit, Get 1 Swiffer Refill Free (up to Save $7)
Save $1/1 Tide Detergent, any size
Save $1/1 Tide Stain Release
Save $3/1 Tide Stain Release 25-50oz. Powder, 15-34ct. Duo Pac or 36-68oz. Liquid
Save $2/1 Tampax Pearl or Compak Pearl (18ct. or higher)
Save $1/1 Tampax (18ct. or higher)
Save $2/1 Venus Embrace or Breeze Refillable Razor or Venus Bikini Kit
Save $2/1 Venus Disposable 2 or 3ct., Simply Venus 4ct., Daisy or Daisy3 4, 8, 10, 12 or 18ct.; Mach3 Disposable 3ct. Sensor3 4ct.; or Custom Plus 3ct.
Save $3/1 Venus Disposable 6ct., Mach3 Disposable 6ct., Sensor3 8ct., or Custom Plus3 8ct.
Save $1/1 Vicks Product, Any
Save $0.35/1 Zest Body Wash, Bar, Safeguard Bar or Safeguard Liquid Hand Soap


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