Friday, September 24, 2010

Fallen Star Bowtique ((Affordable + FREE SHIPPING DEAL))

What was one of the first things I ordered for my little bundle arriving in January?  Bows of course! I always loved seeing little girls with bows and their hair and swore my baby would have one in every color! So I first started looking on for a good deal. In the beginning I got a little discouraged, some can be pretty pricey.  The average for a bow was about $5-$7 and that wasn't including the headband!

One day I happen to give it a go again and Fallen Star Bowtique popped up on top of the list (I was searching by the newest posted Items and she must have just put some more in her shop. I got so excited FINALLY some I can afford.

I ended up getting the above  deal that is currently $24.99 for 20 pieces (you choose the colors too)!
That's about $1.25 each!

Theses are the bows I ordered with the headbands.They look great better in person! I wish my baby girl was here so I can try them on her. Of course when she arrives I will post pictures of her cuteness in these.

So head on over to Fallen Star Bowtique do some shopping and make sure to mention Who Doesn't Love Coupons? in the checkout message to receive FREE SHIPPING!!

Oh and just so you know: I did not receive these products to review, I ordered and paid for them on my own. I just love them so much that I wanted to give a shout out to a great shop!!!

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  1. Thanks for posting! I just ordered some for my 3 month old and took advantage of the free shipping!


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