Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sunday Coupon Preview 6/27 (Kinda late)

This week there will be:
1 Red Plum
1 Smart Source

Check it out HERE! (Or click Read More Below)

-Remember Coupons vary by regions.
-When buying papers from the store make sure to check them for coupons! I have learned this the hard way!
-Always buy two papers, especially if your stores often have B1G1 deals 
-If you see a coupon you really love consider ordering more from a coupon clipping service.

Smartsource coupon insert
Banana Boat Suncare product, 4oz+ Save $1.00/1 (9/6)
Betty Crocker Box Supreme Brownie Mix Save $.75/2 (8/21)
Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad Mixes Save $.50/2 (8/21)
Betty Crocker Warm Delights Bowls or Mini Bowls Save $.75/1 (8/21)
Breyers Ice Cream 48oz Save $.75/2 (7/25)
Butterball Turkey Franks, Turkey Sausage, Turkey Bacon or Lunchmeat items Save $1.00/2 (8/31) DND5
Cheerios, Original in the Yellow Box Save $.50/1 (8/7)
Chock Full o’Nuts Save $.75/1 (8/31)
Colgate Adult or Childrens Toothbrush, excludes Colgate Plus or Extra Clean Save $.75/1 (7/17)
Colgate Toothpaste, 4oz+ Save $.75/1 (7/17)
Cool Whip Whipped Topping Save $.20/2 (7/25)
Crystal Farms Cheeses Save $1.00/2 (8/31)
Dole Pineapple cans Save $1.00/3 (9/30)
Edge Shave Gel Save $.75/1 (7/25)
Edwards Singles Save $.75/1 (9/30) DND5
Finish Dishwasher Cleaner Save $.40/1 (8/22)
Finish Jet-Dry Rinse Agent or Turbo Dry Save $.40/1 (8/22)
Finlandia Cheese, 6oz+ Save $.55/1 (10/31) DND5
Grande Tortilla Chips Save $1.00/1 (9/30)
Hawaiian Tropic Suncare Product, 4oz+ Save $1.00/1 (9/6)
Heinz 57 Steak Sauce made with Lea & Perrins Save $2.00/1 (7/25)
Heinz Vinegar 32oz or smaller Save $1.00/2 (8/31)
Heinz Vinegar, 64oz+ Save $1.00/1 (10/15)
Hershey’s Milk Chocolate 6pk AND Honey Maid Grahams 14oz+ AND Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows 19oz+ Save $1.00 wyb 3 (9/30) DND5
Hershey’s Syrup Bottles, 17oz+ or Hershey’s, Reese’s or Heath Toppings, 4oz+ Save $1.00/3 (7/25)
Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce or Glaze bottle Save $.55/1 (12/31/10)
Lanacane Spray, Cream or Anit-Chafing Gel Save $1.00/1 (9/12)
Lea & Perrins Thick Classic Worcestershire Sauce Save $2.00/1 (7/25)
Litehouse product Save $.55/1 (10/31) DND5
Lloyd’s Ribs or Tub Save $.75/1 (9/6)
MacuTrition Eye Vitamin for Vision & Health Save $7.00/1 (9/30) ETS
Off! Clip-On Mosquito Repellent Refills Save $1.00/1 (10/2)
Off! Clip-On Mosquito Repellent Starter Save $1.50/1 (10/2)
Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats Thin Rolls Save $.60/1 (9/19)
Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls Save $.40/2 (9/18)
Playtex Gentle Glide products, 18ct+ Save $2.50/2 (8/8)
Playtex Personal Cleansing Cloths product Save $1.00/1 (8/8) DND5
Playtex Sport plastic applicator tampons, 18ct+ Save $1.00/1 (8/29)
Prevacid 24HR product Save $4.00/1 (7/25)
Purina One Brand Dry Cat Food, any size/variety Save $2.00/1 (7/27)
Purina One Brand Dry Dog Food, any size/variety Save $2.00/1 (7/27)
Resolve Bright & White product Save $1.00/1 (8/8)
Resolve High Traffic Foam product Save $1.00/1 (8/8)
Resolve Laundry Pre-Treat product Save $.50/1 (8/8)
Resolve product Save $1.00/1 (8/8)
Revlon Colorsilk products Save $1.00/2 (7/25)
Revlon Frost & Glow product Save $2.00/1 (7/25)
Sabra Variety, 8oz+ Save $1.00/1 (8/15)
Schick Disposable Razor Save $2.00/1 (7/25) ETS
Schick Quattro for Women or Intuition Plus Razor or Refill Save $2.00/1 (7/25) ETS
Schick Quattro Titanium Razor, trimmer or Refill Save $4.00/1 (7/25) ETS
Skintimate Shave Gel or Cream Shave Save $.75/1 (7/25)
Swanson White Premium Chicken Breast cans Save $.50/2 (9/19)
Swiss Tea, 1 Gallon or 2 Half Gallons Save $.55 off (8/15)
Total Cereal Box listed: whole grain, raisin bran, cranberry crunch, blueberry pomegranate, cinnamon crunch, plus omega-3s honey almond flax Save $.75/1 (8/7)
Twizzlers Candy bags, 8oz+ Save $1.00/3 (9/30)
Wet Ones Canister or Box of Singles Save $.50/1 (7/25)
Yoplait YoPlus Yogurt 4pk Save $.50/1 (8/21)

Redplum coupon insert
9Lives Dry Cat Food, 3.15lbs or larger bags Save $0.75/1
9Lives Wet Cat Food, 1-12 can variety pack or 12 individual cans or 3-4 packs Save $1.00
Any Rimmel product Save $1.00/1
Ball or Kerr Canning Jars case Save $3.00/2
Ball or Kerr Lids or Lids with Bands for Preserving B2G1
Ball Park Jumbo Beef Franks Save $0.75/1
Ball Park products Save $0.75/2
Bayer AM product Save $1.00/1
Bayer Aspirin 24 ct or larger Save $1.00/1
BIC Comfort 3 Advance 4 Pack, BIC Flex4 3-Pack or any BIC Soleil Disposable Shaver Save $2.00/1 ETS
Crest 3D Whitestrips Save $10.00/1
Crest Glide Floss Save $0.75/1
Crest Paste Save $0.50/1
Crest Paste, 4oz or larger Save $0.75/1
Crest Rinse Save $1.00/1
Crest Toothpaste, 4oz or larger or liquid Gel Save $0.75/1
Dove Beauty Bar, 6 Bar pack or larger Save $0.75/1
Dove Body Wash Save $1.25/1
Dove Hair Care product Save $1.00/1 ETS
Dove Hair Daily Treatment Conditioner Save $1.25/1
Dove Men-Care Body Bar-6pk or lgr, Body Wash-1.35oz or larger, or Active Clean Shower Tool Save $1.00/1
Dove Ultimate Beauty Care Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant or Body Mist Save $0.75/1 ETS
Emerald Nuts Products, 5oz or larger Save $1.50/2
Excellence or Excellence to-Go Shade Save $2.00/1
Heart Health Advantage Save $1.50/1
Hefty Fresh Extend Save $1.00/2
Hellman’s product Save $0.75/1
Kahn’s products Save $1.00/2
Keebler Ready Crusts Pie Crusts, Mix or Match Save $0.55 on Pie Filling when you buy 2 pkgs of Pie crust
Kellogg’s Cereals 10oz or larger Mix or Match Save $1.25/3
Kellogg’s Cinnabon Bars, 6ct or larger Mix or Match packages Save $1.00/2
Kellogg’s Cinnabon Cereal, 10oz or larger Save $1.00/1
King’s Hawaiian products, Excluding 4 pack Dinner Rolls Save $1.00/2
Lipton Tea Bags, Lipton To Go, or any Iced Tea Save $0.40/1
Luigi’s Real Italian Ice product Save $0.50/1
Luvs Diapers Save $2.00/1
Minute Maid Frozen Novelty Save $0.75/1
Minute Ready to Serve Rice Save $0.50/1
Morning Star Farms Veggie Food Products Save $0.75/1
Oral-B Battery or Rechargeable Power Toothbrush Save $3.00/1
Oral-B Cross Action, Pulsar, Advantage or 2 Indicator or Cavity Defense Save $0.75/1
Oral-B Floss Picks 45 ct or larger, Oral-B Satin Floss or any Crest Glide product Save $1.00/1
Oral-B Power Refills Save $3.00/1
Pillsbury Brownie Minis Brownie Mixes, Cookie Mixes or Easy Frost No-Fuss Frostings Save $1.00/2
Pond’s Cream, Towelettes or Cleansing product Save $1.00/1 ETS
Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes, 30ct only Save $1.25/1
Pop Secret products Save $0.50/2
Rimmel Max Volume Flash or any Rimmel mascara product Save $1.00/1
Rubbermaid Beverage Pitcher or Bottle Save $1.00/1
Scope Mouthwash, 770ml or larger Save $1.00/1
Whole Fruit Fruit Bars Save $0.50/1
Whole Fruit Sorbet Save $0.50/1
Wish-Bone or Wish-Bone Western Dressings Save $1.50/2


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