Saturday, June 26, 2010

My first Preggo Clothes Shopping! (Kohls)

So let me start off by saying, that even before I found out I was pregnant, I was in desperate need of new jeans! This past week, it really hit me that I needed to go shopping.  I tend to wear my pants on the tighter side, so with my tummy getting even just a little bit bigger, I was very uncomfortable.  I didnt really know what to expect going shopping for some materity jeans.  I was kinda thinking they would be super expensive and insanely unflattering!
     First stop I made was at Kohls. I have a Kohls card, and they had sent me a 15% off coupon, so i was looking for a deal.  I found the same pair of pants you see to the left, on clearance for $4.80!!! Of course I grabbed them! I was amazed at the deal, and i just saw them on the website on sale for $30.00 down from $56.00, I prefer the $4.80.  I also got another pair for $10.80, Capri for $15.00 and shorts for $12.00.  I made sure they were very roomie, to hopefully last me through out the pregnancy. Yey, for comfy pants that don't squish the tummy!
Do you have a favorite place to get affordable clothes?

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  1. Congrats! I had the hardest time finding preggo pants because I have short legs. Luckily the outlets by me had a Motherhood Maternity storeat the time. I also got a lot of stuff from Target.


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