Monday, May 3, 2010

No More Word Verification for Comments

Okay, so I don't know how you feel about word verification for comments but sometimes they annoy me when I'm entering giveaways.  Word verification requires people leaving comments on your blog to complete a word verification step.

I didn't realize until just now, that I have word verification on my site! So I went ahead and had it taken off, this way it will be easier to enter giveaways!

Want to remove it on your page too?
Go to Settings and then click comments.

Scroll down, until you see:

Just switch it from Yes to No, and click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.
Quick and Easy!


  1. I agree! I hate them when you are trying to enter giveaways so a long time ago, I removed them. You just have to watch out for the spam bots who put their links in your posts. They always come from anons anyway.

  2. I agree, too! I took mine off a long time ago. I don't do many giveaways, but I know how annoying the word verification is.

    I have only had 3 spam posts since I did it. No biggy...I just deleted them.

  3. This is awesome! I love commenting on blogs, but it just takes longer when this word veri. comes up! I'm going to take it off my blog right now!

  4. I hate them... thanks for taking yours off!

  5. LOL!! Oh bless you! I don't even bother entering giveaways (or at least doing the extra entries) if I have to do word verification...lazy? Perhaps, but I really don't like them ;)


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