Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crock-pot recipes.. HELP!

Okay so attempt one on with the crock-pot didn't go to well.  Apparently High on the this crock pot is about 450, so basically I have very chewy meat on my hands!  Who ruins a meal with the easy simple crock pot? Me!  I didn't have a recipe I just thought I'd throw some stuff in and see what happens. Didn't work!

I plan on making some meatballs w/ spaghetti sauce in it later this week.  I know I can't miss that up!   Well, I hope not!  I'll be using Newman's own sauce, its my favorite, but I don't have a meatball recipe yet.  Got one I'd love to try it!! 

I also plan on trying something different in it next week.  If you have any amazing recipes please share!


  1. I love taking a roast seasoning it with beef broth, garlic, salt, pepper, and some italian herbs and then cook it on high until its almost done so about 3 hours then you throw in your vegetable ans potatoes and turn it to low and cook it until the meat falls apart. that is some good eats.

  2. This chicken tortilla soup is a favorite at our house and is a super easy "dump and go" crockpot recipe:

  3. I have a lot of crock pot recipes on my blog... and some really great meatball recipes.

    Here is one for pulled pork... it is very yummy.

  4. OK, you will LOVE this site!! One of my favorite ways to cook is in the crockpot, especially when I know that I won't be home in time to cook a meal.

    Check her out..

    She used a crockpot every day of the year in 2008 and has all the included recipies! Even desserts!!

  5. YES! I'm so excited to try out some recipes!! Yummy! The BF is excited too! The Roast and Chicken tortilla soup are now on his list of dinner wants along with meatballs!!


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