Friday, May 7, 2010

Attempt #2 at Crock-pot cooking=SUCCESS!

Okay so if you read about my attempt #1 HERE, then you know that this crock-pot success, is amazing! This time I made meatballs, yes I know it easy, but that's the point, I'm not a great cook.  I can bake like a superstar, but I leave most of the cooking to the BF, it is what he does for a living!

I didn't make my own sauce, as I'm not on that level yet.  I used Newman's cause its simply amazing. 
I used the easiest recipe I could find! The BF loved it, which made me super proud. Even my brother loved it too.  He did ask before trying "Are they better then mom's"  to which I replied "Mom has been using frozen meatballs for years!!!"  I don't think you can compare fresh to frozen, no offense mom. Next time I will pack the meat a little better, I didn't know how tight to roll the meatballs, now I know.

My next attempt will be pulled-pork.  We love pulled pork, and make it often, but I want to try it in the crock-pot!  I'm going to go with a recipe from Hon, What's for Dinner?  I also want to try the Chicken Tortilla soup from Melissa's Bargain Blog! I'll let you know how it goes!

**Please note we are in the market for new plates, these are an extra set from my mother. Nothing wrong with them, just not my style.   Also my BF needs credit for the "plating" of this dish, he likes does this all the time :)


  1. haha... I love the plate!!! I am glad you had a success... I am going to have to try meatballs in the crock pot! Thanks for the referral! You are sweet. Now I am nervous... I hope it turns out!

  2. That looks great! Do you have a recipe? I just made pulled pork sandwiches recently and also blogged about it here... Bu I may also have to try THAT recipe! Looks good! Especially with the lime! YUMMO!!! I enjoy your blog!


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