Tuesday, April 20, 2010

IMPORTANT Information if you have enter my recent Giveaways

If you have entered the following giveaways, it is very important that your read below!

-Pernilla's Giveawy
-Park Pillow Giveaway
-I has a Hotdog Book Giveaway

This past weekend I purchased a domain name (Whodoesntlovecoupon.com) When I purchased this it automatically switched my site from the old blogger site (Whodoesntlovecoupon.blogspot.com)  to the new one.  All the old comments were not switched over. I have been told this happens often and it normally takes a few days for the comments to reappear.

What does this mean to you?
If you enter any of the three giveaways above your comment is no longer counted.(Before April 17th) I would like to ask that you leave new comments (under the giveaway posts) equaling the amount of comments before.  I apologize for any inconvenience. I understand the old comments may reappear days  after you have made new comments, and that is okay (Score for you, as you will have double the amount of comments as before.)

Thank you!
Jenn :)


  1. Congrats on your domain name!
    Thanks for posting! I just re-entered. =)

  2. Thank you for entering again. I hope more people will notice too. Have a great day!


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