Friday, April 16, 2010

The electronic gods hate me..

So about a month ago my desktop stopped working, but thankfully was still under warrenty.  So we had it sent out, it ended up being a problem with the motherboard so we lost all of our pictures from the last 5 years. Yes I know i should have backed them up, I was lazy, and I learned my lesson.  The motherboard problem ended up costing too much to fix for the company, so instead they gave us a brand new computer for free, SWEET!  Its way better than the old one, i'm talking like double the amount of space and three times as fast, plus its new. (the other computer was 2.5 years old) 

So we get the computer yesterday set it all up and guess what.!?! The printer is now broken!  Why Electroic gods!!! What did I do to you!!?!?!  We tried everything to get the printer working, but no luck.  It was crappy anyways, plus the ink was super expensive.  Looks like we will be buying a new printer this weekend.  This is not in the budget right now, but its a must have between my school work and printing coupons that save us hundreds of dollars.

I guess thats just life...


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