Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Coupon Slacking, May Challeges & Job Hunting

Coupon Slacking:
It's Finals week, and I only have one more to go! I haven't been keeping up with the deals as much as I would like to lately.  Right now I have coupon inserts from the last 3 weeks waiting to be clip on the kitchen counter.  Yeah I have been slacking in the clipping, dealing and shopping department of my life, which has lead to some excessive dining out the last month. I think we ate out 7 times in the month of April, and for us that is alot! We have also been eating off of the stock-pile, and haven't done much grocery shopping, so it kinda evened it self out and we are still around the budget.

Now is the time I would like to applaud all your clipping moms and dads out there! Wow, you have got to be amazing, taking care of kids is no easy task in itself. I get an idea of the it from when I babysit/Nanny, but I get to go home after I'm done and sit on the couch or play on the computer.  You on the other hand have a 24/7 job, plus couponing and deal finding on top of that! How do you do it!!??  (I hope to find out in the next few years- can't wait to start a family!)

May Challenges:
I have decided to challege myself in many different ways in the month of May.  These are all works in progress and I haven't really made myself a concreate list. ( I love making lists!!)

1.) No Eating out: Yes for the whole month, it is completely doable, I've seen a number of bloggers do this challenge, and I think its my time to do it too. We normally go out to eat out of pure laziness.  My BF is a amazing cook,  and I'm a picky eater. So sometimes we cook different meals, and I will admit that he does most of the cooking and cleaning afterward (I hate cleaning up after I eat, I just want to veg and relax)
So we go out to eat so we don't have to worry about us both wanting to eat the same thing, and the whole not cleaning up thing is pretty awesome too. So that's simple right? I hope!

2.) Eating Healthy & Exercise:  This is the hard one, in addition to the no eating out I will be eating healthy with appropriate portion sizes and exercising. Last month I started this but have been slacking lately, I have a sweet tooth and it was calling out to all sorts of goodies lately.  Thankfully I have not gained the 10 pounds I lost in march, but I'm 15 pounds away from my goal weight and would like to be there by the end of the summer. I'm not into exercising, I actually HATE sweating, but I need and want to be healthy.
-I have been toying with the idea of turning this in to some kind of contest for my readers, if anyone is looking to lose some weight.

3.) Hit the Garage Sales: This is my favorite challenge for me, and trust me it is a challenge! First off it requires getting up early- Not such a great thing for me to do.  Then you have to bargain down the prices or so I'm told, I've never really been garage sale hunting. This would be new to me and I'm not to sure about how to do it, sounds weird right. (Tips appreciated) We are moving into our first real place in September (no roommates, just me and BF) so I want to find cute decor stuff on a budget.

Job Hunting:
Actually this might be harder then the eating healthy challenge.  Finding a job is not easy.  Maybe I should rephrase that, finding a job in my career path is not easy. I could find something in a super market or clothing store with no problem.
I'm enrolled in school for Office Administrations, to become a Administrative Assistant, so I'm trying to find something along this line of work.  Something like a receptionist or secretary, or even a admin assistant on a lower scale.  I find there is not a lot out there for that right now, and half the things I find on craigslist are scams! Frustrating!


  1. It's a big deal for hubby and I to go out to eat at Waffle House or some other place where the bill never goes over $20. We actually have not eaten out in over a month now! (shocker really... makes me want to go eat out now, haha) But it gets easy to eat at home, especially if you're like us and you just can't afford the $20 to $40 meals every night.

    The Garage Sales are my favorite! Its difficult for me to get up at 6am for work but I have no prob. doing it for garage sales (sad.. huh?) But i've actually never haggled... im not a good haggler, all I do is ask the person if thats the lowest they'll take? If they say yeah I walk off... you'll find a lot of great deals and a lot of people who think way too much of their junk!

    Job thing is hard... I went to school and applied and applied and applied for office jobs and it was the same ol' they wanted someone with experience and I couldnt get experience until I got a job, just one big circle! My break was when a friend of mine called telling me one of her girls quit and I took the job, been at my office 2 1/2 years and LOVE it. I can even blog while i'm here (prob. can't do that at most jobs.. but still)

    So good luck on everything! Your post sounds a LOT like me so I know how it feels.

  2. Good luck on your job hunt and your last final!

  3. Good luck with everything!

    I've been trying to get back into exercising, but it's really hard doing it in the morning. I would like to get it done before work, but I have trouble getting up so early in the morning. Sad thing is that I am only about 8 lbs away from my goal weight. You would think I'd be motivated to get it done.

    As for the coupon clipping, it's really hard when you have a family. I tend to do all the clipping, sorting and organizing on Friday and Saturday nights after my son goes to bed. I then spend Sunday and the rest of the week looking for the deals. I live minutes away from all the stores I shop at so I guess that helps too.

  4. Thanks for sending the good luck my way, I'll be needing it and relying on it come May 1st!

    -I will be hitting my first community garage sale on Friday morning. EEK!! I'll post if I find anything good!

    Laura- Yay! Someone who understand the job frustration. How can I get experience if no one hires me!! I'm glad you found a good job! I have a interview on Friday, Hope they love me!

    Jackie- I could not do the exercising in the morning before work.. ah just thinking about it is making me tired. I may have to though when I get a job, cause i won't wanna do it after! GL!


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