Sunday, April 11, 2010

A break in posting

Okay, so i know i've been a little lacking in the post area the last two days, and it may continue this next week too.  I will be putting out a few small posts here and there, but not as much as i always do.  See I have tons of school work due in the next two weeks, and I have been doing some serious slacking on it.  So now its down to the wire and i'm racing to keep up.  I cant wait for this semester to be over, I have a report presentation to make next monday and im scared of public speaking. Not like i'm shy or anything, I just don't like standing in front of a whole bunch of people, all eyes on me kinda thing.

I did take a nice break from everything today to enjoy a few hours of Life (yeah haven't had much of that latly) This past Wednesday was the mine and the BFs 6th year anniversary (yes mom we will be married and giving you grandbabys soon <---Can't wait!)  We got to spend some time this afternoon at a Garden Festival in out town (Winter Garden FL)  It was so nice, and i'm really thinking I would love to live in walking distance to downtown.  It has a nice hometown feel, which reminded me my town(Upstate NY)


  1. I agree about the public speaking thing, I feel the same way. Thanks for the follow. I am returning it now.

  2. Good luck with finals. I'm in the same boat... last week of classes start tomorrow! yay!

  3. Good luck with school! I have definitely felt your pain as I've been in school in some, way, shape, or form since 2004! Two degrees later, I'm taking a break from school to work for a! I couldn't help but chuckle with your comment to your mom as it sounds kinda familiar!

    Take care,


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