Saturday, March 27, 2010

Target Organization Clearance Trip!

So today was my Organization day, I got a good amount done. I ended up not cleaning the stockpile,(ill try tomorrow) but started cleaning out my closet instead. I took a quick trip to Target and found some good Clearance:

2 Wire Shelving units (4 shelves high) $8.74 each (original price $34.99)

2 Wire Baskets to hang on side $1.98 each (original price $7.99)

1 Wire Spice shelve $2.08 (original price $9.99)

1 Junk Drawer Organizer $6.47 (not on clearance)


  1. I got 4 Closetmaid 2 door stackable organizers for just $7.48 each at Target today! They are going to make a great pantry when they are all put together in my new house!

  2. Hey Jen

    I got the same stuff yesterday...hope it helps me get organized(LOL))

  3. Awesome! I was like so excited to find these, I was all by myself, but was like so happy. People may have thought I was crazy, walking around with a big smile on my face. Now I just need to put those shelves up!


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