Thursday, March 11, 2010

Possible CVS Coupons $3/$15 or $4/$20 or $5/$30

Go ahead and check your emails for these coupons. If you didn't receive them thats okay too. According to Abundant Food Savings, these are generic coupons that can be used on any CVS card. They don't have names on them either. I've never heard of this before, has anyone? They Expire 3/14

Let me know if anyone knows about these?


  1. From my experience, the coupons that say "for intended recipient" (like these $/$ coupons)will most likely beep if you try to use them and you didn't receive one in your e-mail. YMMV as to whether or not your store will push it through. The product specific coupons usually do not beep, even if they were not e-mailed to you.

  2. do you know if my store will allow these coupons,will they allow me to use other coupons with it after?

  3. When you use a CVS coupon like $3 off $15 you can use other coupons. Make sure you get your order to $15 before coupons, hand them the CVS coupon first, then hand them the Manufacturer coupon.
    Example purchase:

    3 Packs off Diapers $15.00
    Total $15 + Tax
    (First)-CVS $3 off $15
    (Second)- (3) $2.00 off Diapers Manu

    As Melissa stated above, these may or may not work. I plan on trying it on Sunday early morning. I will post if it works or not, if you want to wait until after i post to head out to your store it may be a good idea.

    Hope that helps


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