Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Facebook freebie!

If your a fan of Heleva Good on Facebook they are having another freebie. Its for the first 5,000 fans so hurry!
*Must already be a fan, You may already be a Fan from the last time(so check) they did a giveaway. I know personally I haven't received that yet, BUT the page says they are still sending those out!

I hope so, because I have been signing up for so many things and not getting them in the mail! Including my FREE Oreos :(

-Thanks Lindsey:) Sometimes I dont read, everything clearly, I just jump!


  1. The form says exsisting fans. And the Oreo coupon expired Sunday. I threw mine away because I could not find the Double Stuft Golden ANYWHERE. Guess it just wasn't in the cards for me to gain another 5 pounds!

  2. Thanks for catching that!! I guess its a good thing that I didn't get the coupon for the Oreos anyways. We just started TRYING to eat healthier and I could eat a whole thing of Oreos by myself ,lol.

  3. Who does not love freebies??

    Found you on FF. Follow back at: http://jotgiveaways.blogspot.com


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