Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winn-Dixie Free Sausage

I love this deal, head over to facebook and become a fan of Premio Foods, if you scroll down to about the 10th update, click on the link. It will pull up a coupon for B1G1, this is a PDF file so you will be able to print more than the normal 2 prints. (If you don't have facebook-email me and i'll send you the PDF)
Now bring your coupons to Winn-dixie, they have Premio Sausage on sale for B1G1 this week.
When combined with the coupon that's 2 packs of sauage for free!

These are great for more then the normal sausage and peppers dinner, my bf cooks them up for breakfast with eggs, and makes an amazing sausage pasta dish.

Visit the Recipe tab on facebook for 100s of cooking ideas.
Go ahead stock up your freezer!

*These are available at walmart for $3.79 (that was about a month ago, prices may vary)

Thanks to Who Said Nothing In Life Was Free for posting the winn-dixie deals, I must have totally skipped this page, cause I didnt even notice this sale!


  1. Can I get a WHOOP, WHOOP??? I have 20 of these coupons in my stash! I am so excited! Thank you!

  2. Whoop Whoop!!! Me too!!! lol


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