Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Target Trips and Target Issues

First trip(two transactions)
2 Scotch Fur Fighters= FREE
1 Deli Deluxe cheese $2.99 (After $1.00 blinkie)
2 bags Kraft Shredded cheese $3.00 (After $1.00/2 blinkie and $1.00/1 target coupon)
5 Yoplait Yoplus $5.20 (After $1.00/1 manu)
5 Kelloggs Fruit Crisps $8.50
OOP=$9.17 (used 2 $5 GC)

Second Trip= not so great!
So I get up to the register, with 8 Gillette body washes, and two more bags of cheese. I hand her my coupons and let me know that the coupon price needs to be lowered. She states that it won't work, and I nicely let her know its Target store policy and I'll bring my purchases up to customer service, as it may be easier. Standing near by a customer service rep, overheads the conversation and lets me know that the cashier is right it won't work and she has never heard of this 'policy'. The way that she said it was very rude and made me feel like an idiot, which I know I'm not, lol. This is where I say to myself I wish I printed that policy to put in my binder.

Anyways they voided the body washes and I head over to customer service where I know I can pull up the coupon policy on the gift registry computers. I find it after what seemed like ages and show the customer service rep, who then tried to explain to me that I was reading it wrong.
She said basically that the policy was stating you can use a coupon on a sale item and price matched item. Uh, what!?! The policy states as follows: "Coupon amount may be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied." I don't understand where she was coming from, and then she tells me that a manager will explain the same thing. So at this point I'm completely frustrated tell her I'm calling corporate to confirm and just head to the car, where my amazing Boyfriend is waiting.

On the way home I called corporate, who tells me I'm completely right (I already new this) and gave me a reference number to use if I head back to the store. So we turned right around, walked into the store, and right up to customer service. "Hi, I'm back" I truly think that the lady was pissed that I returned, and wasn't very happy about doing the transaction. Actually she even said to a co-worker that she didn't know how to adjust the coupon, but after trying to call someone to find out, she just "made it work"

8 Gillette body Washes $15.92
-(4) $4.00/2 Coupon from 2/21 (Coupon amount changed to $3.98)
2 Kraft Shred Cheese $4.00
-$1.00/2 Manu Blinkie
-$1.00/1 Target Coupon- From my phone.. this was so weird to do
Total: $2.00 + Tax


  1. Just think now you made it easier for the next person that walks up to that cashier. She now knows how to adjust the coupons! Next time your in Target, find her again, smile and say I'm Back! LOL.

  2. I am about done couponing at Target. It is never a pleasant experience. I think Target (Corp) is trying hard to appeal to the couponers-but I don't think the individual Target Stores got the "memo".

    BTW How do you work in retail and not know the coupon policy?- besides it's like a paragraph long.

  3. Was this the $4/2 Gillette Q's.? and was the price of the bodywashes $1.99 ?...I think Ill make a copy of the coupon policy before I head to Target today :)) I agree with the last comment... thanks for going the extra mile to make it easier for the next person with coupons :) I hope I dont have this problem...I hate it when the cashier or manager makes you feel ignorant...every once in a while you get that good one like I did yesterday at Publix who says oh I dont mind at all...Its wonderful you're saving money! But... they are always wonderful at Publix! Have a great Day :))

  4. In all your frustration you forgot to tell us how much you saved on all those Gillette! lol

  5. This was the deal with the $4/2 Gillette Q's, sorry about that lol. Yeah I now have the coupon policy in my binder, with the reference # on it, just in case.
    Hope no one else has this problem, if you do call corporate!

  6. I have had a few not very pleasant couponing experiences at Target. Thanks for the post - next time I will call ('cause unfortunately there probably will be a next time!)


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