Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Anyone ever order coupons from Ebay?

We love Crystal Light and the upcoming deal on Publix would be amazing if I had those stupid $1.50 off 1 Crystal Light coupons. My area never got those Kraft coupon books, so disappointing but I was thinking about ordering them from Ebay. What do you think? Have you ever ordered coupons from Ebay? I'm a little nervous.

Also while I'm asking questions, anyone know why blogger has a delay sometimes with posts?
I posted about new coupons over an hour ago and it says 6 minutes ago, lol. Just wondering.

Thanks peeps.

I'm thinking about doing a giveaway, any ideas? Or maybe something you've been wanting??
Let me know!


  1. I have ordered some online through e-bay and I am about to look for a few more to order. I got my order fairly quickly and paid less than I would have through The Coupon Clippers. As always, deal with a trusted seller with a stellar rating. Do not give out personal information and never give a credit card number to the seller. Other than that, you shouldn't have a problem!

  2. I always us www.mycouponhunter.com she is fast and really nice.

  3. Thanks Lindsey, I always like to hear from real people, whether their experience was good or not.
    Crystal- I heard about that site too, but they don't have my crystal light coupons, sad sad. ps. Crystal, I'm going to sign up for Swagbucks this weekend, under you!

  4. I just received 2 sets of $1 off 20 GE lightbulbs Q's from ebay. They were on sale at my local Rite Aid for $.99. I donated the lightbulbs to my local Neighborhood Watch Association who used them for a "light up the night" campaign to prevent home invasions. For just $3 I helped prevent crime! no need to worry about transactions on ebay. I've done tons and onky had one minor problem. Good luck.


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