Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winn-dixie and Bravo Trips

This was my first trip to Bravo, my BF has gone there a few times,prices arent bad, but not great.

1 96 FL Oz Corn oil $4.99
1 Garlic Powder $1.99
1 Jumbo Onion 61c
1 Bag Brown Sugar $1.09
5 Garlic cloves $1.39
1 Family Pack ground beef $6.61

Total $16.68

My Bf plans on making Jack Daniels glaze (like the kind from TGI Fridays) I love this stuff!!!!

8 packs of Premio Sausage (Hot)
Raincheck for B1G1
-B1G1 Coupon (become a fan on facebook they have a new coupon on there now, Print it and save it, It doesn't expire til Dec 2010!)
=Free (Saved almost $40)

1 Pita Bread $1
2 Mocha Premium M&MS $1 EACH

Sorry about no pic! I think I deleted it and lost the receipt,geez i'm losing it!


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