Friday, January 8, 2010

Walgreens Trips 1/8 Saved 93%

Took a quick trip to walgreens.
Here is what I got:


1-Lady Speed Stick 85c
-$1.00 off Manu Coupon (found at CVS but its marked manu)
= Free plus 15c overage

2 Neosporin Lip $8.00
-(2)$3.00 off Printable(Earn $3.00RR=Free + $1.00 Profit)
=$2.00 for Both Earn 3RR
Total: $2.22
-$1.00 RR
OOP: $1.21
Earn: $3RR


3- Gillette Shampoos $1.59 Each
-(3)$1.00 off
=59c each

1 Electrasol Tabs $3.49
-$2.50 off Electrasol Tabs 1/3 SS
=$1.00 (Earn $1.00RR=Free)

1 Men's Zone Shaving gel 75c
-$3.00 RR

1 comment:

  1. I did the same Neosporin lip deal at my store! Thanks Jenn! This week has been an awesome coupon deal week, and I love it! And I know you'll do great on Monday at school! If you're savvy enough to get all these awesome deals, homework will be a piece of cake! -Rebecca


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