Tuesday, December 29, 2009


2010 I can not wait til you get here! I feel like I need a fresh start on so many things,and lets face it 2009 was not my year. Here is a list of things I plan on doing/changing/achieving in 2010:

*Save money/pay down debt
I'm sure that is on top of a lot of lists. 2009 was a hard year for a lot
of people and staying positive was hard for me. We have accumulated a lot
of credit car debt from unforeseen issues, but that is life and I've got plans to cut down the debt!

*Devote myself fully to school (Yes people after 5 years off from school I'm heading back)

*Create/maintain a budget! This is why I'm blogging! It is a lot easier to keep track of everything on here. Plus if I can help out others too, that's even better. I'm sure I'll be adding to this list before the new year starts.. now off to start my budget


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